Organic Options, Inc

6340 Lakewood Blvd. #968
Ft. Worth, Texas 76135
817 903-1786

We have a strong customer base that includes the top architects and builders in the north Texas area. We will be happy to provide a reference list of satisfied customers. Builders we have provided service to include Sebastian & associates, Halison General construction, Wesley Homes, Pencil-Point-Constructors and Gearheart Construction Company to name a few. We also have the flexibility to meet any or all of the following needs:

  1. Landscaping:
    We have 15 years experience in landscape installation that includes a wide range of landscape services and design from highly architectural designs to a more native approach for those projects that want a low maintenance with a native setting.
  2. Irrigation- Including irrigation audits:
    We design and install high efficient irrigation systems using the latest high efficiency irrigation products to help ensure the system uses a minimum amount of water and keep your landscape healthily and beautiful. Up grading your
  3. Drainage- French and surface drainage:
    We provide French drains around foundations, sub surface and surface drainage to control standing water and help keep water away from you home. Our experience insures a professional job done right the first time. This helps our customers avoid costly mistakes..
  4. Stone work- Pavers & retaining walls:
    We provide different types of masonry work including stone work and install paver walkways, Retaining walls and driveways.
  5. Waterproofing- Basements and Walls:
    We provide waterproofing for new and existing construction, basements, foundations and retaining walls. We use high grade products to protect your investment from water damage.
  6. Rain Water Harvesting:
    We design and install your above or below grade tank to collect rain water for your landscape needs. We install a variety of systems ranging from rain barrels to large tanks. We will even design a system for your indoor use.
  7. Landscape lighting:
    We provide your landscape lighting needs using the latest in LED lights to accent your home and landscape.
  8. Clean up- tree removal to final clean:
    We clean your project during construction or any time including tree trimming, brush removal and construction debris.